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Shades of Black - Break Free Artist: Shades of Black
Title: Break Free
Label: Sound Business
Format: CD
Cat. Number: SBCD010
Price: 2.00 (UK)
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The brand new album from Shades of Black features 18 tracks, including vocals from Paul Fox, Michael Rose, Jahman Dan, Jimmy Ranks and Saimn-I. The album also features Dub versions. A solid & soulful album.
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1. Simmer Down (Paul Fox)
2. Simmer Dub (Shades of Black)
3. Break Free (Paul Fox)
4. Got to Break Free (Saimn-I)
5. Break Free Dub (Shades of Black)
6. Lion in the Flag (Michael Rose)
7. Lion in the Dub (Shades of Black)
8. Full Belly, Empty Heart (Paul Fox)
9. Full Belly Dub (Shades of Black)
10. Trust In Jahovia (Jimmy Ranks)
11. Trust In Jahovia Dub (Shades of Black)
12. Roots Rock (Moonshine Horns)
13. Conscious Life (Paul Fox)
14. Conscious Dub (Shades of Black)
15. Leaving the City (Jahman Dan)
16. Dubbing the City (Shades of Black)
17. Repent (Saimn-I)
18. Repent Dub (Shades of Black)

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UK: 2.00

Europe: 3.00

Rest of World: 4.00


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