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Hot & Rich - Rocksteady Artist: Hot & Rich
Title: Rocksteady
Label: Reggae Retro
Format: 12" vinyl
Cat. Number: RRTLP 032
Price: 6.50 (UK)
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Hot & Rich Rocksteady with Lynn Taitt & The Jets / Beverleys All Stars (Jamaica). Hot & Rich play Sax & Harmonica led instrumentals on original Jamaican recorded mid 1960’s Rock Steady rhythms, supplied courtesy of Derrick Morgan (O.D.). The album was originally released in 2003 on 10” LP (Reggae Retro RRTLP/CD 010), the album was later deleted. However, due to renewed demand for the album, we have re-released it, in a revised format. The selected tracks include the main 8 tracks from the original release and also included are a further 6 tracks, for this release, which have not previously been available on vinyl. All tracks have been re-mixed by Alien Dread. 

Side A:
1. Island Blues
2. Bells
3. Sporting Life
4. Guantanamera
5. Zambesi
6. Mango Walk
7. Snake Eyes

Side B:
1. One Throw
2. Slow Train
3. Lion
4. Font Hill
5. Sweet Talk
6. Rocking Steady
7. On My Mind

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UK: 6.50

Europe: 7.50

Rest of World: 8.50


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